photography of Halloween on Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood
Halloween in Hollywood events, nightime photography that brings out the fantasy in human nature
underaged genieThe TrioBride for a nightthreesomethe sultanbehind the scenes
  freeky mamawho's that?funky piercing sweet schoolgirlFix ne baby, it hurts!
  cool architectureon the job in Hollywooda little'na gaze through the crowdswonder what I should've worn?
  be careful!from days gone byjesteryeahit's becomming clearer
  I can fly!very tellingbe careful what you ask forI'll drink to thatcan I join you?five for a buck
  I know it's over me for dinneron the prowlmaaan's best friendover here, over there
  Night-time photography that brings out the fantasies of human nature, by L.A. photographer Ray Nichols. Halloween's wildest experience on Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA. See ya there next year!